Best Apps for Car Race Lovers – The Apps You Need as a Race Lover

Races are and have been a fun way of entertaining yourself. If you’re an observer, you can enjoy the thrill of a race, especially a car race. If you’re a driver, however, you can do even more by actually being engaged in a race. If, however, you are betting on a race, you are also engaged, but in a different way. Betting on races is much easier with an application, like SBK App, especially in this mobile and fast-paced world.

There are other applications that a car race lover would undoubtedly like, so here are some to consider.

Motor Trend News

Available on the App Store for iOS devices, this application allows you to access news from the world of motorized vehicles. You can get news for everything automobile related, from the newest cars on the market, the reviews of said cars, to even some that are still yet to be released. What this means, essentially, is that every bit of automotive news that you as a car lover would wish for, you get in a simple app.

There is a separate app available for the Android users and it is called Motor Trend Buyer’s Guide which features just that, guides, as well as vehicle reviews and road tests, including photos of the tested and reviewed vehicles. It’s a must have for any car and race lover.

NASCAR Raceview Mobile

Available for the iOS devices, this app allows you to watch NASCAR races rendered in a 3D environment. You can choose your own drivers, teams, customize them and watch them race. You have many types of races available to you, as well as a plethora of cameras to observe as your team and racers battle it out.

You can listen in to the live feed between the racers and their team, while at the same time customizing the camera angle for the best experience. As many apps include, so does this one, premium features which you get via a monthly subscription.

Real Racing 3

As it happens, some race lovers actually want to race instead of watching races take place. With Real Racing 3, you get a dose of reality on your mobile phone. Available for Android devices and for the iOS ones, you can race whichever side you pick.

The things this game does differently than others is reality. It has beautiful graphics, great physics and offers a realistic experience to that of a real race. As it is, you have access to 100 cars and over 2000 different events. If you want a realistic experience then this game is the right one.

Asphalt Series – Asphalt 9: Legends

The Asphalt games are very successful and for a good reason. You get very detailed vehicles, stunning graphics and very exciting gameplay. As the games evolved, so did the possibilities. The newest one, number 9 in the series, Legends, allows you to race with some of the world’s most prestigious cars. Not only that, you will also be able to perform various stunts while racing.

If you are more keen on doing some off road racing, then Asphalt Xtreme is the right game for you. Gameloft seems to have a solution for every type of racer. GT Racing 2 is a notable mention, as it is another title from Gameloft. It has 71 cars from various brands and a lot of events, including multiplayer racing.

Whichever app you decide to download, know that there are many more that can satisfy you as a car race enthusiast. From betting apps to actual games, and the news ones, to help you keep up with the technology.