Motorsport Betting Guide For Fans: All you need to know to start betting today

Motorsport is very common in the UK and betting is by far a popular practice. Whether it’s the World Rally Championship, Formula 1 Grand Prix racing or NASCAR racing, betting is available for automobile racing enthusiasts and bettors. There are so many motorsport events to bet on, and below you will find useful tips on race betting.

Bettors can focus their attention on predicting the winner of the Formula 1 Champion, the winner of a Grand Prix, or the winner manufacturer/constructor. In Formula 1 bettors select a pre-season favorite based on the performance and reliability. The winner of a Grand Prix is predicted by the previous performance of the driver, the weather, the starting position. The constructor champion is the team who accumulated the most points in the championship.


Online Betting

It is common that bettors go to a local betting shop. In the United Kingdom there are over 9000 betting shops, the most popular being William Hill, Ladbrokes and Coral. At any of the local betting shops race car passionate people can place bets in person.

Being such a popular practice, online betting seems to catch on betting shops. The best betting sites are Bet365, Unibet and Youwin. Motorsports fans can bet on these sites, and there are various other sports to pick and bet.

Bet365 is licenced in United Kingdom and allows people to bet on their mobile devices, anywhere.  It is chosen by 1.5 million people from 140 countries each year.

Unibet and Youwin are licenced in Malta. Mobile betting is also available.

The mentioned betting sites are trusted online bookmakers, have great customer support, online casinos and great promotions.

Motorsport Betting Guide For Fans: All you need to know to start betting today

How betting odds work

Betting odds are important for each bet you place. The betting odds will tell you how much money you will make and what is the chance that the event will happen. For example, if the betting odds are 2/1 that means that for each £1 you bet you will get £2 if the event you bet on will happen. To calculate the chance the event will happen you need to apply this formula 1/(2+1) which is equal to 0.33, meaning that there is a 33% chance that the event will happen.

Keeping this basic betting odds rule in mind when placing a bet online or in person, will help you make better choices.

Bet365 and Youwin offer their betting odds, but Unibet doesn’t. However, each online betting site offer great options and incentives for people to start betting.


Opening a betting account

To bet, you will need to make an account with an online betting site, like the ones mentioned above. They also offer the possibility to bet directly form your mobile device. To open an account you will need to visit the operator’s website and follow the instructions. It is a simple process and very comfortable to bet from at home.

You will need to fill in your details and it is useful to read the terms and conditions before you make a deposit.

You will need to check the betting rules because they may vary in each bookmaker, the deposit methods and if the bookmaker accepts your card. Also, you need to check if there is a minimum deposit accepted and if there is a minimum bet allowed. You need to know if there is a rule on maximum winnings because that way, you won’t place huge bets if the maximum you can win is £100.

After you get informed and become familiar with the information in the terms and conditions, you are ready to make a deposit and place your bet. Enjoy and good luck!