Lewis Hamilton Seals His 6th Formula 1 Championship Title

Hamilton became the second most successful driver of all time in Formula 1 competition and is only one title short to catch up with Michael Schumacher. Hamiton even had the commodity of trying out different strategies and approaches during the last race, as he had a massive point advantage. If you started following Formula 1 just recently and would like to even place bets during future races, stick around, you will find the following information as useful as a bet365 bonus code

About the Championship

According to Hamilton, he was not focused on winning the championship in Texas, his primary concern was what’s in front of him. He was focused on winning the race and allowed his competitive instincts to do the rest, which only led to a career-defining moment. By winning the title he has surpassed the legendary Fangio and moved closer to a current legend Schumacher. He did say that the approach to go for a long run and only make a single pit stop didn’t pan out as he expected.  

When asked about his career plans Hamilton said that as an athlete he feels fresh, he does no intention of giving up and will continue to push forward. 

The race itself

Lewis started fifth as he did not have the best qualifying season and manage to pass Charles who was driving for Ferrari at the very first corner and then his colleague, Sebastian Vettel after Turn Eight. As he was on a third-place only Bottas and Verstappen were ahead of him by the time the first lap ended. 

Hamilton then decided to stay on the track as long as possible and not make a pit stop until his tires were pushed to the very limit. The first stop he made was on lap 24, which gave him 32 more laps to go. Unfortunately, the condition was unfavorable as tires were wearing off at a faster pace. 

During lap 25 Bottas made his second stop and ended up six seconds behind Hamilton. Although it seemed that Bottas should have no trouble making up for the lost time, Hamilton gave him a good run for his money, and it was only during the last five laps that things started to change. 

On lap 52 Bottas managed to take advantage of DRS overtaking and get ahead of Hamilton. Even though the victory eluded him the title was well secured, and thanks to the yellow flag he managed to fend off Verstappen for the last 4 turns as he was forced to slow down.

Hamilton’s rivals praised him for his admirable performance and congratulated him on winning the championship. They are all looking forward to upcoming challenges and exciting races in the years to come.