Monaco Grand Prix — Formula 1’s Richest Race

You can visit many breath-taking tracks all over the world and feel the adrenalin rush and fulfillment only Formula 1 race can provide. Still, there is something extraordinary about a particular one — the Circuit de Monaco.

Ninety years ago, everything was vastly different. But even then, Monaco was the capital of luxury and world-renowned casinos. Car racing was fun for the rich. Today, this kind of entertainment is much more accessible to people. We live in a world of live streaming, Internet and online betting. True, most people prefer using online bonuses at online casinos like the Kaboo Casino rather than putting everything on the black in Monte Carlo. But when it comes to race bets, there is no greater satisfaction than having a personal presence.

It’s not just the fact that the Monaco Grand Prix happens on that Sunday in May when you have to be seen at the place. It is neither about the lavish Mediterranean landscape, nor Monaco’s passion for fast and expensive cars. It is the most challenging and exciting race in a season, and it hasn’t changed a bit since the beginning.

How Did the Richest Formula 1’s Race Begin?

The first race was held in 1929 in only a couple of square kilometers of the adorable Principality. From the Hotel de Paris, pass to the Casino and tunnel, to the panoramic harbour. Since then, it hasn’t changed the path at all but hosted so many great drivers, Grand Prix winners, superstars, and notable guests. 

Hot Tires and Narrow Streets

The trail takes 78 laps, alternating sunny boulevards and dark tunnels, narrow sweeps and hills, tight streets, and paths along the stunning colourful harbour. With a high speed running through the road within 180-degree hairpin turn, there are only a few moments for drivers to take advantage. And the most exciting part — the audience is so close that they can feel the road vibrating under their feet.

Monaco Circuit Champions

When we talk about the glorious past, we first need to mention the six-time Grand Prix winner and absolute recorder of the Monaco Race, Ayrton Senna.

Of course, no less important are multiple race winners Michael Schumacher, Graham Hill, Alain Prost, Jackie Stewart, Juan Manuel Fangio, Niki Lauda, Fernando Alonso, Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel. All the great drivers, past and present, have brought so much enthusiasm and energy into this race, making it one of the most prestigious awards ever.

The Grand Prix Weekend 

The whole week before is about the Championship — practice sessions and public events dedicated to Formula 1. Saturday is the day for position race and heating for the big finish on Sunday. 

A-list Event Everyone Wants to Attend

You can watch Monaco race from a luxury yacht, or from the edge of the burning track, too. Monaco is a prestigious resort, so Grand Prix is an excellent opportunity to be seen in the company of the famous, rich, and successful people. This, and much more, makes it a unique event in the whole world.