Top Motorsports Apps

If you are a fan of Indianapolis 500, the Italian Grand Prix, or the unavoidable NASCAR, chances are that you have your favorites in motorsports. And why shouldn’t you? The adrenaline rush of your favorite team or racer winning it big is not unlike how some people feel when they take the Energy casino bonus code offer. You don’t know the outcome, but your eyes stay wide open for the entire event.

With that in mind, it is important to know that there are apps that can help you stay on top of things, even if the racing event is not broadcasted in your area. Here are some of the top motorsports news apps.


It’s official – after the website and its plethora of videos featuring Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz, the German Touring Car Masters, or DTM, now has an app. The app not only gives you the news articles concerning the drivers and races but also provides you with live content to watch some of the adrenaline-pumped events on-the-go, with race schedules and additional info about the circuits. The app is a little bit specific – it follows only the DTM racing, but the chills and thrills are worth it.

UK Live Sport TV Guide

While some may forego this app simply because it covers too many sports, others appreciate the variety. If you are into motorsports and nothing else, simply choose the sport as your favorite in the app. This will let you add reminders for the upcoming events. It does not offer live streaming, nor does it condone pirated streaming of sporting events. Another potential downside is the fact that it is not available outside the British Isles.

Oversteer TV

You’ve seen them on YouTube, you’ve been to their site, and now you have downloaded their app. The app is the logical extension of their platform, where you can watch all kinds of videos related to car culture, like drifting, rally, and drag racing. They also, naturally, bring you the latest news in the world of motorsports. Oversteer TV is based in New Zealand, but it’s available to nearly everyone.

Freader – Formula Racing News

This is the perfect app for F1 lovers. You get the frequent updates to the racing events, the latest results, and you can customize your news feed. It’s not just for phones – it works great on tablets as well. The app is not officially associated with Formula 1, but it does bring you nearly everything you need to know about the races, drivers, and the recent changes. You can use the app to comment on the articles and videos, thereby engaging the racing community.