Best Car Racing Games in 2017

Car racing video games are a thriving genre, giving you the opportunity to find yourself in a thrilling action, hopping in the driver’s seat, the engine revving, the asphalt whipping past at more than 200 km/hour. It is this realistic feel that mainly decides the quality of a car racing game.

Accordingly, the best 2017 games to play are:

F1 2017

In this game, you will race some of the most legendary F1 cars of the last 30 years, fighting for the F1 World champion title. This is the finest game Codemasters have ever created and the best formula racing game in history. It combines a brilliant driving model with perfect racing management. The game will give you the full, in-depth, F1 experience from the perspective of a professional F1 driver. If you are looking for more thrill, betting on F1 races is for you! Check out this amazing titanbet bonus code 2018.

Forza Motorsport 7

Tis absolutely stunningly looking game will give you the opportunity to race across 30 famous destinations and 200 ribbons and explore more than 700 cars. The game offers a huge amount of driving, experimenting, and racing. Gameplay is amazing, due to a myriad of control options. Whether you are a beginner or a lifelong car junkie, you will love it!

Project CARS 2

The next evolution in the award-winning series, this game is about as good as the real racing gets these days. The developers really worked on making the corner turns as realistic as possible, and it feels amazing. They also added a greater variety of vehicles, and a great weather effects that simulate real-life weather driving with an astonishing accuracy. Fantastic visuals, amazing sounds, improved controller and other upgrades will keep you actively engaged and ultimately make you want to become a professional racer.


You will face the toughest roads and circuits on the planet competing in rally, rallycross, and landrush. You will sit at the wheel of the most powerful machines ever made. Control of the cars is fantastic, track system is procedurally generated so that it offers almost endless racing, sound effects are brilliant and the visuals offer a lot of great detail. Another Codemasters masterpiece, DIRT 4 has redefined what we should expect from modern rally games.

Trackmania 2: Lagoon

The Trackmania experience is renewed with the Lagoon scenario, which will see us racing on raced tracks above a huge tropical island. Almost six years after the debut of Trackmania 2, Nadeo showed that the project is still alive and well. If you are weak for high speed races and stunts, this game will thrill and delight you!